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Our locations

A.S.Wellas Executive Search and Recruitment is a leading Russia and CIS company with the most extensive national reach. In order to fulfill our client's assignments we use a special technology of regional search.

We are helping companies to find staff in the most remote locations. Our presence extends to Moscow, Kiev, St. Petersburg, Almaty, Rostov, Sochi, Minsk, Samara, Saratov, Volgograd - overall 83 Russia and CIS locations. We will be where you need us.

If you are a professional considering a move to another city we might have a vacancy just for you!


Moscow is our Head office location and A.S.Wellas Management is situated here. Our highly respected and competent team of Consultants with 10+ years of experience in executive search, recruitment and selection meets the staffing needs of our Moscow clients - multinational companies, major Russian holdings and international start-ups .

Our Consultants unique skill set and result oriented style make them very effective at recruiting and placing key individuals with our client companies.


Our office in Volgograd was opened in August 2003. Since then we had 350 successful placements in Volgograd, Kamyshin, Volzsky and other cities in Volgograd region.

Our consultants have filled the positions of Heads of Representative offices for "Kamaz Leasing", "Apteka-Holding", "Home Credit and Finance Bank", "Czech Insurance Company", "Soglasie Insurance", "Federal Deposit Bank"; Regional Managers for Armstrong, DuPont, Linde Gas, Tinkoff, Shell, Dualest; Service engineer for Tetra Pak; Head of Corporate Business for «Absolute Bank»

An outstanding number of local companies rely on us for all their staffing needs. Our local clients in Volgograd are "Magnat Trade Enterprise", "Vivo Group", "Reemtsma Volga","Tatal", "Stock-center", "Columbus Engineering and Construction" and many other companies.

Need to find staff in some other location? We have the reach and market presence to source and deliver candidates in any location in Russia and CIS!


Kiev is one of our favourite search locations. In 2008 we had a number of projects in Kiev including the vacancy of Head of Representative office for the major international Pharmaceutical company.


We have started working in Astrakhan in June 2004. Our first placed candidate was the Head of Home Credit and Finance Bank in the region.
Since then Astrakhan is one of our locations.

Our consultants have filled different regional positions for "Panasonic", "VVP Group", "Avalon", "Home Credit and Finance Bank" and other clients.


In February 2004 we have finished our first assignment in Samara. Our client - a local company - retained us to search for a Head of Representative office in Volgograd. The assignment was successfully completed and our company entered the recruitment market of Samara region.

In March 2005 we have filled another position - General Manager of an IT company in Samara.



Alexander Araslanov
We are actively sourcing our clients with the best candidates from the region. At the moment we have a number of active searches in Samara.


Our first placement in Krasnodar was for the "Yarpivo" brewery. Our candidate - Regional Sales Representative - started working for the company in August 2004.

Since then we are carrying out successful searches for international companies in Krasnodar region including Sochi, Novorossiysk and other regional locations.


The agency started working in Rostov in 2004. Since that moment we have recruited many specialists and managers for wide range of positions. Among the successful placements were the Head of Representative office, Head of Sales department and Sales managers for “Home Credit and Finance Bank” and Head of Representative office and Sales coach for "Czech Insurance Company".

Our agency also offers salary reviews and labor market analysis Rostov region. Since 2004 we were preparing salary reviews for “Home Credit and Finance Bank” on a regular basis.


Our work in Saratov has started in June 2004 and by the end of July our first candidate has begun working as a Head of Representative office of “Home Credit and Finance Bank”. Since that time we perform successful searches for our clients in Saratov and Saratov region.

Very often our clients want our help with the rare searches. For example, in Autumn of 2005 A.S.Wellas successfully placed a Deputy Chief of the Chemical Laboratory for Schwarzkopf&Henkel factory in Engels (Saratov region).

Besides recruitment searches, our agency offers such services as salary reviews and labor market analysis in Saratov.


A.S. Wellas started operations in Stavropol in August of 2004. The first placement was the Head of Representative office in Stavropol for “Yarpivo” brewery. Since that moment the agency is actively searching for best candidates in Stavropol for international and local clients.


In the beginning of 2009 A.S.Wellas team received an assignment for a search for Head of branch office in Petrozavodsk.

It was important for our client - a major Europian retail bank - that the position is closed asap.

They have given the assignment to us and another leading agency with offices all over Russia (and one very close to Petrozavodsk).

We were able to find an ideal person in 3 days and he was ready to start working for the bank asap. Our candidate is the Head of Petrozavodsk branch office now and the bank management is very happy with his performance.


Kemerovo is one of the cities where we have active recruitment searches for our clients. In 2009 we have successfully closed a Regional Medical Representative position for a large foreign pharmaceutical company in the city.