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Newsletter "We'll be OK"

Despite a difficult economic situation globally, the market in Kazakhstan is developing quite active

Economic, political and social stability, relatively low tax rates for business and a high volume consumer market make Kazakhstan one of the most attractive regions in the post-Soviet area from an investment point of view, attracting more and more international players.

International expansion intensified in 2014, causing an increase in the competition between companies as well as in the value of professionals.

Local companies found themselves in a difficult situation. Not everyone was ready to work in new market conditions and moreover, to compete with international companies for highly experienced specialists. Before, many companies chose to hire cheaper employees and entrust them with a high volume of work, but as soon as employees couldn’t cope with their new duties, they were replaced with new staff.

Nowadays the situation is completely different. Having experienced the increase in competition and failure of valuable employees, many CEOs reviewed their approach to staff recruitment and retention and began to build their own teams.

Aspiring to keep their positions in the market, local companies started to refer to HR consultants to reorganise their recruitment policies, improve their employee motivation systems and develop their internal culture.

Overall, the demand for experienced staff has increased on the labour market. It is especially remarkable that demand for HR specialists and sales specialists has grown by about 20% in this year compared to 2013.

A couple of years ago employers didn’t pay any attention to the professional experience of a sales candidate, because they needed someone to come in and do the job immediately. Now employers’ priorities have changed and they want to see a true expert in the position of a sales manager, who they can entrust with an important project.


Professionals’ value will continue to grow, as will the competition for these professionals on the market. To stay attractive to highly qualified specialists, companies need to pay more attention to the development of their corporate culture, motivation systems and, of course, offer a competitive compensation package.