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A.S.Wellas presents Job Search Assistance Package!

Time for a new career change?

Take the brand called “YOU” and enter the job market!

A.S.Wellas Team will assist you along the way with new Job Search Assistance Package

You will get 100% confidential professional support from experts with 17+ years in recruitment.

Our Job Search Assistance Package includes:

1. Search Strategy To ultimately reach your goal and get the job you want, you first must have a strategic plan. In conducting a job search, there is no one tactic that will guarantee success. Rather, a winning strategy will include various approaches from networking to direct marketing to answering job postings to social media to working with recruiters. Together with you we will develop a comprehensive strategy and provide the tactics for you to execute your job search efficiently and productively.

2. Online Personal Branding Strong brands have a clear identity. By establishing an online personal brand that allows you to differentiate yourself from the competition, you can stand out in front of hiring managers and recruiters. A.S.Wellas will help develop the brand called “You” and create a marketing plan that will positively communicate your unique value proposition.

Take the brand called “YOU” and focus on Job Search Strategies!

3. Professional Marketing Materials Resume and Cover Letter, References, Presentations and more. Simply having the right experience is not enough in today’s highly competitive job market. To secure the job you want you need professional marketing materials that will boost your job search and separate you from the crowd.

4. Social Media Now 60% of hiring is based to some degree on social media. We'll help you with your LinkedIn profile, teach you about Facebook networking and put Social Media to work for you!

5. Pre and Post Interview Coaching How to impress the hiring manager in 10 seconds? What to wear? How do I work with a retained search consultant vs. a contingency recruiter? When and how often should I follow-up with the hiring manager? If a meal is part of the interview, what foods should I avoid? After an interview, should I email a thank you or send a hand written note?

6. Weighing Job Offers and Negotiating Pay Negotiate the best job offer with our help!



Alexander Araslanov
Looking for a job is a full time job! A.S.Wellas Team will help to make your job search efficient and successful!