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Our Services

There are reasons why A.S.Wellas is recognised and respected on the Executive Search and Recruitment market.

We believe that clients come first. We believe that candidates are our respected partners.

Others talk about their strengths. A.S.Wellas gets down to business. Where others show you PowerPoint presentations, A.S.Wellas shows you real work.

A.S. Wellas Executive Search

is a 15-step technology

A.S.Wellas Recruitment

is a 7-step technology

No matter how many steps the quality is still the same.

Our consultants are mature professionals with 10+ years of experience in Executive Search and Recruitment. We are able to handle multiple projects under tight deadlines all over Russia and CIS.

Irrespective of whether you are a multinational company or a start-up business, your "War for Talent" ends with peace with A.S. Wellas.

We offer our clients a full range of services including

HR Support Services

Full support of your company's HR services.

  • - HR Policy implementation in line with corporate guidelines

  • - Manpower planning. Ensuring recruitment is done within given timeline and cost parameters

  • - Motivation programms development/implementation

  • - Talent management

  • - Running the performance management system

  • - Documentation process support including IT systems support and Russian Labor law expertise

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

We provide recruitment process outsourcing and work behind the scene while you concentrate on your core competency areas i.e. management and leadership that enables superior results to be achieved towards the attainment of business objectives and goals.


Deputy General Manager

Kruglov Andrey
Outsourcing frees up your internal staff of the administrative burden and enables them to focus on core activities that are strategic and important to recruiting business.

Assessment Centres

Assessment centres offer our clients the opportunity to combine a number of tools to ascertain candidate performance. They are particularly relevant at a middle management level or where a group of candidates who will be required to work together or with an existing team are being recruited. We are focused upon testing several factors in order to create a comprehensive report on each candidate. These reports highlight an individual’s skills and areas for growth with regard to the particular profile of the role for which they have applied.

We use various tools as part of the approach. Media assessment is often a key consideration when making public appointments or indeed high profile placements in many fields. Psychological interviews can also form a critical element particularly when there is significant risk involved in a role.

Naturally the comprehensive nature of this process means that clients receive a very detailed picture of candidate approach, ability and style. However it is also worth noting that in our experience, this a very useful exercise for the applicants themselves providing them with feedback and an assessment of any developmental areas.

Job Search Assistance Package

Time for a new career change? Take the brand called “you” and enter the market by focusing your energy on achieving your goal.

A.S.Wellas Team will assist you along the way and make you a more effective job seeker by developing a comprehensive search strategy and providing appropriate target companies and contacts.

We will also coach you on how to work with recruiters and HR Managers, improve your interviewing skills, and prepare you to negotiate a job offer and compensation package.