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Newsletter "We'll be OK"

Svetlana Falkovskaya, CEO

During my 23 years in Executive Search and Recruitment I have done around 25000 candidate interviews for my 2000 international clients in 45+ countries. Since 2003 when A.S.Wellas was founded I am the owner and CEO.

I have travelled to 47 countries and lived and worked in 11 of them. I was born in Volgograd, Russia and my first international travel was at the age of 15. As a part of a group of 21 kids I have travelled to the United States of America. In the year of 1988 that was unheard of in the former USSR. After that I have become a star in my high school!

I moved to Europe in 2014 and since then work internationally and travel extensively.

In 2019 together with my Partner Ben Falkovsky I have launched a Career Support Service for Managers who work in International companies. We had no idea how it would turn out. 2,5 years and 120+ career transitions later our candidates continue their successful careers in Amazon, JYSK, PWC, Kraft Heinz, Hilti and other multinational companies in Europe, USA, Canada, Asia and Latin America. Our unique 12-step tailor-made one-on-one Career Transition Support Service works amazingly well!

As a Talent Expert I get a lot of negative feedback from candidates about recruitment processes in different companies. Ours are the turbulent times and from my side I try to do everything possible to stay professional and do my job well helping both candidates and companies to succeed globally.

If you are thinking about international career, I might be the person to talk to!

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